Live smarter and better.

We deliver better solutions that add productivity & functional utility to everyday life.

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Adding Productivity And Functional Utility

We are a creator and seller of value-adding
lifestyle solutions for users to live smarter & better.



  • TBA | Superior Quality Beddings


  • LIVETODAY | Productivity app
  • HALVES | Revolutionary Binder & Notebook



We Believe In:

Rethinking Conventions

Approaching problems by turning things upside down & thinking simple when solving them. Creativity & simplicity
are key to effectiveness.

Epic User Experience

Focusing on human-centered design
to deliver true value to the target user
and designing to maximize function,
utility and aesthetics.

Observing The Details

Nothing is too trivial or niche to make an important difference. Our inspiration lies
in the ordinary. Observance and attention to detail deliver exceptional value.


Let's Work Together

PAPAFU is a creator. If you're a retailer, wholesaler or distributor interested in offering PAPAFU products, our team is more than happy to discuss the many options and kickstart this process!

PAPAFU is also a seller. We can be the wholesaler, distributor, or retailer of your products! As long as your product fits the PAPAFU spirit and delivers true value to users, we are eager to become your long-term, reliable partner!

Email us anytime at to discuss all business possibilities. We would love to hear from you!

Or, if you would like to learn more about PAPAFU, visit our FAQ and download our Press Kit.


Or, send us message right here - we'll get back to you ASAP.


What is PAPAFU?
PAPAFU is a creator and seller of value-adding lifestyle solutions for users to live smarter & better. The PAPAFU Portfolio consists of creative product solutions that are MADE or DISTRIBUTED by PAPAFU. Our Home, Work and Leisure collections offer a unique mix of true value to target users.
What does PAPAFU mean?
PAPAFU is an acronym of its mission to deliver “Products/Patents/People Adding Productivity And Functional Utility” for everyday living. Through patented products, PAPAFU delivers unique values. Through non-patented products, PAPAFU focuses on superior product quality and user experience. Through its employees, partners and customers, PAPAFU strives to build a strong, supportive network of people embracing the PAPAFU spirit!
Why are the products so different in nature?
Each and every product under the PAPAFU portfolio embodies the PAPAFU spirit - to embrace unconventionality, user experience and every last detail. Whether it's made or distributed by PAPAFU, all variety of products serve to add productivity and functional utility to everyday life. 
What are "Coming Soon" products?
"Coming Soon" products are current projects that the PAPAFU Team is working on. We want to keep our community informed of our latest development plans. 
How can I know when "Coming Soon" products are launched?
Thanks for the interest! Please sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned with our latest product updates. Even better, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to receive awesome news!